Christiane is a british actress, improvisor, storyteller, comedian. tokyo based, globally free.

A delightfully self-indulgent page, where I can feel proud of my achievements.

Trained in several schools of improv, she has performed improv and scripted plays on stages in Tokyo, NYC, Dubai, London, Hong Kong, and Bangalore. She has taught and coached improv and communications workshops in Tokyo, Bangalore and the UK.

Christiane’s recent acting work has seen her in Japan’s favourite Shin-Godzilla movie, American Express world-wide TV commercial, provided the voices for several game characters, and she is the face and body for another 2 world-wide video games. She feels she secured these because of her experience in improv.

Her secret superpower is listening and observing, be that when coaching or performing. A sponge that soaks everything in and plays it for the truth of the moment, not for easy laughs. And some say she’s naturally funny, though you’ll have to be the judge of that.

Since December 2016, she’s gotten into storytelling. Big style. Not only hosting her own monthly comedy storytelling interrogation show in Tokyo (Perfect Liars Club Tokyo), but also performing her stories whilst on her travels. She regularly plays on stage in Tokyo with the Tokyo Comedy Store and the Pirates of Tokyo Bay, and performs standup around the city. (See the Events page for all her performances.)

Christiane is also a trainer and coach. She uses improv and more traditional techniques to empower and motivate people to discover new ways to communicate so that they can approach life & business with confidence and creativity.

Loves: mountains, cheese, cucumber, salad cream, yoga, smiling whilst walking.

Dislikes: disorganisation, natto, anchovies, underestimating the temperature and the clothing required to keep warm.

To live life, you have to be present. Listen to others and be aware of yourself.
To grow, you must seek empowerment for yourself and others. Step out into the unknown.
To feel alive, you must appreciate every flow state.
Oh, and be kind, people. Always be kind.
— Christiane Brew


The Diary of Anne Frank (by Francis Goodrich), MrsEdith Frank (Lead / British accent), Tokyo International Players, Dir: Jonah Hagans

 The Dresser (by Ronald Harwood), Her Ladyship (Lead / British accent), Black Stripe Theater, Dir: Keiko Tsuneda

 Little Women (by Louisa May Alcott), Marmee March (Lead / American accent), Tokyo International Players, Dir: Alysha Haran

 Confusions (by Alan Ayckbourn), Mrs Pearce (Lead / British accent), Black Stripe Theater, Dir: Ieja Zin, Rodger Sonomura

Our Town (by Thornton Wilder), Mrs Webb (Lead / American accent), Independent Production, Dir: C Chailey

 Big River: The adventures of Huck Finn (musical & adaptation from Mark Twain), Aunt Sally / Ensemble (Supporting / South American Accent), Tokyo International Players, Dir: Hannah Grace

 The Secret Garden (musical by Marsha Norman), Mrs Medlock (Supporting / Northern British accent), Tokyo International Players, Dir: Alysha Haran

Romeo & Juliet, Lady Montague / The Apothecary (Supporting / Old woman caricature), Tokyo International Players, Dir: Wendell Harrison

Cinderella (pantomime / musical), Cinderella (Lead), Independent Production, Dir: R Seamore

Sweeney Todd (by Sondheim), Assistant Director

TV & FILM stuff

Video Game Company 1, project in progress

Video Game Company 2, project in progress

American Express, World-wide TV commercial

Cool Japan, NHK, regular off-site reporter and in-studio contributor

Shin-Godzilla  (release: 2016), Karen Heath (Nuclear Researcher), TOHO. Dir: Hideaki Anno & Shinji Higuchi

Vancouver no Asahi, Wealthy Canadian woman, TOHO. Dir: Yuya Ishii

Human Chair, Miss Granger, YouTube / Legendary Pictures, Dir: Rodger Sonomura

Things to do in Tokyo, Kelly (Real Estate Agent), Independent Film, Dir: James Morton

Epitah, Mother, Independent Film, Dir: Lukas Tokuda

VOICE stuff

Noblesse (Korean anime), Character: Ik Han, Woo, Writer: Son Jae Ho

Mitsubishi Motors, CM

IBM, VP Narration

The Flying Carpet, children’s storybook narration and character voices, Labo Teaching Center, Japan

NHK & BBC, Narration: Various documentaries

Omotenashi Tourist Navigation, Narration

English Reader for College Students, Narration and character voices (Alice in Wonderland), Published: Saytosha / Kanagawa University 

Independent productions, Various female & male video game characters, story narration with character voices


Moments Around The World


I am who I am because of the places I’ve lived and been fortunate enough to visit. These are some of my favourite experiences and moments. I am truly grateful.